Welcome to PPG Country Clothing

where quality is remembered, yet price is not forgotten

PPG Country Clothing is based in Scotland where we know a thing or two about weather.

In one of his many moments of profound inspiration, that most venerated of Scottish sages, Sir Billy Connolly, pronounced that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Thus began our quest, travelling to the far windswept corners of the land in search of the makers of the very best country jackets and breeks, speaking with the elders of the ancient families (who know about these things) in search of the finest waterproofs and the warmest tweeds, the stoutest boots and shoes, but at a price to meet with the approval of the canniest of Scots.

From the Kingdom of Fife, we bring the finest country jackets and trousers, tweeds, country shirts, waistcoats, gilets, footwear and socks, all manufactured to the exacting standards of the incomparable Hoggs of Fife.

Prompted by rumours of an ongoing style revolution, we made a couple of forays south of the border to bring you the work of the indisputable fashion leaders in country design: the "distinctly British" Welligogs range of elegant, stylish tweeds, wax jackets, leather and wool jackets, coats, gilets and hats, and riding boots.