Mens Country Jackets

When it comes to finding mens country clothing, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands, here at PPG Country Clothing! We provide an extensive collection of mens country jackets, making it easier for you to choose one that suits your specific requirements. Having said this, we provide so many styles and sizes in the mens country coats, it can often leave you feeling spoilt for choice! This needn’t be the case, our team of professionals are more than willing to help you to choose mens country clothing that suits your exact standards, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

From our range of mens country jackets, you needn’t worry about achieving a classic look and feel because each of the jackets we have in stock is guaranteed to provide you with a professional finish to any outfit combination!


Our mens country coats are perfect for country enthusiasts, looking to embrace elements of heritage. No matter which of the mens country jackets you choose, you can bet it’s luxurious! At PPG Country Clothing we provide mens country coats that are guaranteed to make a stylish addition to any wardrobe, can you afford not to invest in one today?

Within our collection below, you’ll find a variety of shooting jackets, field jackets, quilted jackets; fleece jackets, soft shell and waterproof jackets- don’t hesitate to choose something suitable today!


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  • Dunkeld Leather Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Dunkeld Leather Jacket

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  • Glenmore WP Shooting Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Glenmore WP Shooting Jacket

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  • Kincraig Field Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Kincraig Field Jacket

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  • Rex Quilted Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Rex Quilted Jacket

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  • Struther Smock Field Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Struther Smock Field Jacket

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  • Bute Fleece Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Bute Fleece Jacket

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  • Carlton Quilted Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Carlton Quilted Jacket

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  • Clydesdale Heavy Fleece Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Clydesdale Heavy Fleece Jacket

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  • Field Pro Soft Shell Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Field Pro Soft Shell Jacket

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  • Ghillie Waterproof Fleece Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Ghillie Waterproof Fleece Jacket

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  • Green King Waterproof Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Green King Waterproof Jacket

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  • Junior Waxed Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Junior Waxed Jacket

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  • Padded Waxed Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Padded Waxed Jacket

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  • Sportsman Fleece Shooting Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Sportsman Fleece Shooting Jacket

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  • Waxed Long Coat

    Hoggs of Fife Waxed Long Coat

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  • Woodsman Waxed Jacket

    Hoggs of Fife Woodsman Waxed Jacket

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