Safety Work Boots

Safety Work Boots are a very important part of any workers uniform, essential for safeguarding feet when working in hazardous environments.  PPG Country Clothing  highly recommend  any of the styles from the Hoggs of Fife premium range of safety work boots to ensure that you’re properly protected from heavy objects that may accidently fall on your feet. Renowned for their comfort and superior build quality you can rely on Hoggs of Fife safety work boots to keep you safe in the workplace.


The Hoggs of Fife Hurricane and Hoggs of Fife Aqua Safe rigger boots have a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions. Hoggs of Fife Saturn and Hoggs of Fife Tornado safety work boots also have a waterproof and breathable membrane too.

With over 100 years of experience in making safety work boots Hoggs of Fife are one of the most respected names in the UK today when it comes to manufacturing safety work boots. Buy from PPG Country Clothing today and give you feet a treat!


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