Mens Country Trousers

Here at PPG Country Clothing, we provide a complete range of mens moleskin trousers, ensuring that you find trousers to suit your specific needs and wants. You’ll find an extensive range of sizes, styles and colours in the mens moleskin trousers, don’t hesitate to find a suitable pair today!

The Hoggs of Fife moleskin shooting trousers are guaranteed to enhance practicality and functionality, making it easier for you to move around. As well as this, our moleskin shooting trousers are designed to stretch, providing you with maximum comfort.


The mens shooting trousers are tailored to not only provide you with additional support, they’re ideal if you’re looking for a pair of stylish trousers. Our mens shooting trousers are adjustable, making it easier for you to adjust them to fit comfortably.

The Hoggs of Fife mens moleskin trousers that we supply are some of the best on the market, providing you with outstanding value for money.


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  • Glenmore W/P Shooting Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Glenmore W/P Shooting Trousers

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  • Kincraig Field Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Kincraig Field Trousers

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  • Bushwhacker Unlined Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Bushwhacker Unlined Trousers

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  • Bushwhacker Lined Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Bushwhacker Lined Trousers

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  • Monarch Moleskin Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Monarch Moleskin Trousers

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  • Moleskin Breeks

    Hoggs of Fife Moleskin Breeks

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  • Mid Weight Cord Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Mid Weight Cord Trousers

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  • Mens Heavyweight Cord Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Mens Heavyweight Cord Trousers

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  • Comfort Fit Jeans

    Hoggs of Fife Comfort Fit Jeans

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  • Mens Moleskin Jeans

    Hoggs of Fife Mens Moleskin Jeans

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  • Green King Waterproof Trousers

    Hoggs of Fife Green King Waterproof Trousers

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  • Waxed Leggings

    Hoggs of Fife Waxed Leggings

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  • Waxed Overtrousers

    Hoggs of Fife Waxed Overtrousers

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  • Luxury Leather Belts

    Hoggs of Fife Luxury Leather Belts

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