Welligogs Coats

Welligogs coats are a must-have for any country professional; have you got yours?

PPG Country Clothing stock the well sought after Welligogs coats which incorporate a distinct British-Style. Blending performance with style, these coats are designed to provide a luxurious look and feel!

The elegance and cutting-edge style of a Welligogs jacket makes it perfect for country living, ensuring that you always feel comfortable and warm.

Distinctly British Coats.

Within the collection of Welligogs jackets that we supply at PPG Country Clothing, you’re bound to come across signature pieces like the Welligogs Aspen Black Coat and the Welligogs Odette Cranberry Waterproof Jacket, both of which have been designed and manufactured to enhance comfort and performance.


Any Welligogs jacket incorporates British Heritage to essentially create a highly fashionable piece of clothing. Although the jackets are designed to offer resemblance to the British countryside, this isn’t to say that there is any compromise made to the quality of the outdoor clothing.

Welligogs Odette Waterproof Jackets.

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed waterproof jacket, the Odette Welligogs jacket could be just what you need. These jackets are designed to mix style with elegance to provide practical clothing for all weathers.

Unlike any other Welligogs jacket, the Odette provides a flattering waist that can easily be adjusted to provide additional comfort, making it a firm favourite amongst all country professionals. The waterproof Welligogs jacket incorporates a detachable hood, providing you with the option to remove this, should you wish to.

Welligogs Roxy Waxed Jackets.

Here at PPG Country Clothing, we provide the waxed Welligogs coats in several styles and colours, including the contrast coloured jackets. These are made to resist wind and water, allowing you to look and feel good, no matter what the weather is like!

To provide you with a sense of convenience, the waxed Welligogs coats include lined pockets that are surprisingly spacious- making them ideal if you need to carry items with you, as well as keeping your hands warm.

We also supply the waxed coats with a fishtail style and two adjustable straps, so you needn’t worry about it fitting perfectly.

Welligogs Long Length Coats.

As with any Welligogs coats, the long length coats that we supply are guaranteed to make a glamorous addition to any wardrobe. The feminine design of the Welligogs coats makes them suitable for all seasons, boasting style and performance.

In terms of practicality, the long length coats are made from waterproof, windproof and breathable materials to provide you with clothing that’s comfortable yet fashionable.

As a Welligogs stockist, you can count on PPG Country Clothing to provide you with a coat that’s inspired by country living and paired with modern shapes and accents. Find a suitable Welligogs jacket today!


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  • Ascot Tweed Jacket

    Welligogs Ascot Tweed Jacket

    £249.00 Select options
  • Balmoral Tailored Jacket

    Welligogs Balmoral Tailored Jacket

    £269.00 Select options
  • Burghley Tailored Jacket

    Welligogs Burghley Tailored Jacket

    £269.00 Select options
  • Demelza Grey Tweed Coat

    Welligogs Demelza Grey Tweed Coat

    £295.00 Select options
  • Demelza Hazelnut Tweed Coat

    Welligogs Demelza Hazelnut Tweed Coat

    £295.00 Select options
  • Demelza Navy Tweed Coat

    Welligogs Demelza Navy Tweed Coat

    £295.00 Select options
  • Demelza Pale Blue Tweed Coat

    Welligogs Demelza Pale Blue Tweed Coat

    £295.00 Select options
  • Eleanor Long Length Black Coat

    Welligogs Eleanor Long Length Black Coat

    £275.00 Select options
  • Eleanor Long Length Vanilla Coat

    Welligogs Eleanor Long Length Vanilla Coat

    £235.00 Select options
  • Elizabeth Mocha Coat

    Welligogs Elizabeth Mocha Coat

    £299.00 Select options
  • Elizabeth Navy Coat

    Welligogs Elizabeth Navy Coat

    £399.00 Select options
  • Isobel Meadow Pink Tweed Jacket

    Welligogs Isobel Meadow Pink Tweed Jacket

    £249.00 Select options
  • Kensington Tailored Jacket

    Welligogs Kensington Tailored Jacket

    £269.00 Select options
  • Knightsbridge Tailored Jacket

    Welligogs Knightsbridge Tailored Jacket

    £269.00 Select options
  • Odette Cranberry Waterproof Jacket

    Welligogs Odette Cranberry Waterproof Jacket

    £249.00 Select options
  • Odette Navy Waterproof Jacket

    Welligogs Odette Navy Waterproof Jacket

    £249.00 Select options